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Funding Announcements 👇

➨SA fintech startup PeachPayments has closed a $31M Series A funding round for expansion.

South African fintech startup Peach Payments has raised a US$31 million Series A funding round from Apis Partners to accelerate its growth across the continent and grow its product offering.Peach Payments allows businesses of all sizes to process payments quickly, securely, and efficiently.The company intends to use the investment by the Fund to accelerate its expansion across new African markets, deepen its product offering, and reinforce its core merchant value proposition.


➨Block partners with African crypto exchange Yellow Card

Block announced a partnership with Yellow Card, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Africa, to facilitate cross-border payments between 16 countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa.Yellow Card provided the software to plug into each of the 16 countries' financial networks, and TBD provided the “bridge” between each of the countries.

➨DFC has invested $25m in Novastar Ventures to support and invest in early-stage startups in Africa.

The Nairobi and Lagos-based VC firm intends to raise over USD 200 million and support startups working on climate solutions and agriculture. These startups will primarily improve community resilience by offering financial and supply chain services.This investment will enable Novastar to continue its mission of backing innovative and impactful African startups.

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➨Egypt-based VC firm Camel Ventures has launched a $16 million fund focused on fintech.

 The company aims to support the development of Egypt’s fintech startup ecosystem by providing early-stage startups with equity investments and later-stage startups with venture loans.As Egypt expands its financial technology industry, this development could open doors for cryptocurrency to thrive in the country.

➨Mastercard and EthswitchSC have announced a groundbreaking partnership that promises to revolutionize Ethiopia's digital payments system.

EthSwitch, Ethiopia’s national payment switch has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mastercard that will enable financial institutions across Ethiopia to boost the adoption and usage of digital payments. By leveraging Mastercard Send, a payments platform that enables people and organizations to send and receive money instantly, domestically and cross-border, EthSwitch is able to continue to make digital money transfers more widely available and accessible. The advanced payment solution will deliver a simple and better user experience that will contribute towards the acceleration of Ethiopia’s transition to a cash-lite economy.

➨Cassava Technologies has committed to investing $250 million into the South African economy.

Cassava Technologies has pledged a total of $250 million in investment in South Africa through its business units – Liquid Intelligent Technologies, Africa Data Centres and Distributed Power Africa.

According to the company, the investments will contribute towards positioning South Africa as an attractive investment destination and enable greater inclusion of all South Africans consistent with Cassava’s vision of a digitally connected future that leaves no African behind.

How to mess up your career as a developer.

As a software engineer, it's important to be mindful of the habits and attitudes that can potentially derail your career.

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Here are a few things to avoid if you want to succeed in this field:

🚫 Learning Too Much: While it's great to constantly expand your knowledge, it can be counterproductive if you don't have a clear plan of how to apply it. Make sure to use your newly acquired skills and knowledge in your projects.

🚫 Tutorial Hell: Watching countless tutorials without actually practicing what you've learned won't do you any good. Take action and start building things yourself instead of just watching others do it.

🚫 Comparing Yourself with Others: Everyone's journey is different, so don't compare yourself to others. Focus on self-improvement and challenge yourself to be better than you were yesterday.

🚫 Blindly Trusting Content Creators: Be wary of exaggerated claims made by content creators. Use them as a guide, but always make your own informed decisions.

🚫 Being a Know-It-All: Acknowledge that you don't know everything and be open to learning. Understand patterns and fundamentals, and picking up new languages will be a breeze.

🚫 FOMO: The fear of missing out can lead you to jump from one tool to the next, without truly mastering anything. Instead, focus on mastering fundamentals before exploring new tools and frameworks.

Remember, there are many other factors that can impact your career as a developer, but if you find yourself struggling, take a break, ask for help, and approach challenges with a calm and patient mindset.

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